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"In that moment I saw only Bush, and I felt the blood of the innocents
was flowing under his feet while he was smiling that smile."

- Iraqi Shoe Throwing Hero, Muntazir al-Zaidi


76 new papers recently added!

Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus Will Soon Sing This New U.N. Song

The Despicable U.S. Crime against Mid East Muslims

Dear U.N. Delegates

N.Y.- U.N. and D.C. - Dry Bones Become God's Spiritual Beacons

Please Mourn for America, the Proud, the Free, the Wicked

The Devil Tempted Condoleezza Rice


Two Key Bible Chapters Warn Rulers of All God's Nations

Like Prussia- U.S. A State Owned by Its Mighty Military

Three U.S. Blind Spots About God are Root of Mid-East Conflagration

Two Bushes Ignore Prophet Daniel to Rain Blood on Innocent Muslims

Puzzled God Interrogates India's and Japan's Religious Leaders

The U.S. Buries Its Most Destructive Contradiction

Two Simultaneous Wars for the Souls of Buddhists

Wickedness is Wickedness is Wickedness

Bright Light for Young Women of Hindu India

Eleven New Illuminations for New Women's Generation in New India

How the LORD Will Accomplish the Liberation of India's Younger Hindu Women

U.S. Government Chose to Heavily Arm Muslim Caliphate, ISIS

China's Growing Militarism Threatens Asian Buddhist Nations

God's World Awash with Wicked Weapons He Detests

Sunni and Shiia Worship Unclean Pig Idol

U.S. State Department Terrified of Qur'an's Risen Jesus

My Interrogation by the U.S. Secret Service

Jesus' Modified Story about the King of Nepal's Wedding Banquet

God's Loving Lost Message for Buddhists and Hindus

Japan, Myanmar and Thailand Explode Buddhism's
Myth of Gentleness

Hope from God's Poor Man Jesus for India's Multitudes
of Young Slum Dwellers

Hindus of India and Buddhists of Japan Will No Longer
Abandon Their Creator

California's Governor Brown Confirms Prophet's
Prediction of Environmental Calamity

God Rejects Much of Christianity but Fully Embraces
Christ the King's Kingdom

The False Claim by Wealthy Muslims on ALLAH's Oil Money

Warning to NFL Football Stars of God's Imminent Judgment

Allah is Infuriated by Muslim Leader's Loud Silence

Buddhism's and Hinduism's Sentimentality Versus Rationality
of the One God's Risen Christ

Blind Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and Atheists

Four Quick Asian Man-Made Disasters

Many Muslim Men in Mid East Await Allah's Drastic Punishment

Numerous Buddhist Teenage Students Potential
Victims of South Korea Ferry Disaster

Oil Wealthy Muslim Airline Passengers Blasphemously Give Allah the Finger

The Creator's Warning To Buddhists, Hindus and Others

Buddhism's and Hinduism's Absence of Hope Observed by Christ's Blazing Eyes

All Mosques Must Disobey Political Correctness and Overthrow All Muslim Kings

Hindu and Buddhist Nations Will Embrace Qur'an's Risen Messiah

Saudi Arabia Is Under as Great a Threat of God's Judgment as the U.S.

God Has Chosen Muslim T.V. Al Jazeera To Judge Christian America

Qur'an's Risen Messiah Mosques Brings Risen Isa/Jesus to Hindu India

Qur'an's Risen Messiah Mosques Will Defeat World-Dominating
Johnnie Walker Whiskey

Satan Dressed As Whiskey's Johnnie Walker Invades Muslim Nigeria

Syria's Chemical Weapons - US Agent Orange in
Vietnam - Equals Hypocrisy

The Cusp of Zabur Two's Terrifying Warnings Has Arrived

The Degradation of M.E. Muslim Women and U.S. Black Men Is Linked

U.S. Counterinsurgency's Disaster Contrasted to Zabur Two's Reliability

Christian Scholars' Lethargy Encourages Potential
9/11's and Additional Middle East Wars

Muslim Kings Now Committing Most Fraudulent
Cover-up of Truth of the Ages

Muslim Kings Are At War With the Qur'an's Anointed Risen Messiah

The Eternal God's Wrath Toward Muslim Kings' Obstructionism

U.S. Leaders Now Desire Additional Nine/Elevens

Zabur Two's Threatening Warnings Against Muslim Kings

One Lion Plus One Old Man Expose Muslim Kings As Liars

Prophet Muhammad's World Wide Risen Messiah Mosques

ALLAH Is The Only Answer To Middle East

God's Truth Does Not Seem Important To Either Muslim
Kings or Christian Leaders

Is Mohamad Morsi Honest or Only Avoiding Allah's Truth?

Barack, Barack, Why Do You Savagely Torment Me?

Qur'an's Risen Messiah Convinces Obama That
Qur'an's Allah Is Not A Liar

U.S. Idealism Drowns in Crimson Pool of Child Sacrifice

God Enraged at NRA's Blood Sacrifices

Al-Jazeerah Reveals Al-Qur'an's Risen Messiah Will
Soon Dominate World

Trembling and Trembling For Mecca and Wash. D.C.

ALLAH's Enraged Lion of Judah Roars In Hindu India

ALLAH's Court Finds Muslim Rulers Guilty of Cruelty
to Women and Blasphemy

My Letter to Allah About the Glorious Grand Mosque of Mecca

Will Mecca Burn as Nabi Yeremiah's Beloved Jerusalem Burned?

The Women of Islam Cried Out To Me

Meditations of a Bedouin F-15 Jet Fighter Pilot

Five new poems

House of Saud No Friend of Allah
Terrified Muslim Kings
Trayvon Jury
Allah Gloriously Shatters Shubbiiha Lahum Lying Idol
Precious Muslim Women Freed


"ALLAH is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth . . .
ALLAH guides to His Light whom He wills.

The Holy Quran, Al Nur 24:35

"The foreigner living with you must be treated as one of your native-born.
Love him as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt.
I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus 19:34, The Taurat

"The Light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness shall not overcome it.

John 1:5, Injeel

"Responses are welcome by email, telephone, or mail.
I grant full permission for individuals to quote, in their context,
and circulate excerpts from the writings available on this site."

Tom Griffith (Abu Toma)